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The best Australia has to offer

Ahava Australia is the home of beautiful gifts and homewares, lovingly crafted in Australia and featuring the work of local artists who are passionate about our land, its environment and its unique history. In addition to our extensive Australian made range we offer a carefully curated selection of products made by the best artisans from around the world.

Whether your customer is looking to buy a gift for friends and family, something special for their home, creating a special memory of their travels or supporting the work of First Nations artists, you will find something unique and beautiful in our range.

Why buy from us?

We offer a unique and extensive range of Australian made products suitable for a wide range of retail environments. Because we do not mass produce our products we offer our retail partners individuality, above-average margins, short lead times & realistic MOQ’s. Being a domestic manufacturer we are also able to provide custom designs and packaging solutions for our customers.

Good for the Environment

Our products are manufactured through economically-sound processes that minimise negative environmental impacts while conserving energy and natural resources.

The commitment to sustainable manufacturing extends to every aspect of our production process. From the reduction of energy consumption and waste management practices designed to promote recycling, to the use of sustainably sourced inputs and working with suppliers who are equally committed to reducing the environmental impact of the products we make, you can be sure that the pleasure you customers derive from the use of our products does not come at an unreasonable cost to the environment.

First Nations Art

We understand the importance of art in a culture that has survived for over 40,000 years without a written language. Maintaining the integrity of art is essential to ensure the chain used to pass down knowledge over countless generations remains unbroken.

Our commitment to Fair Trade Ethics supports First Nations Artists' ability to preserve their traditions and cultural heritage for the next generation by ensuring that the art used on our products is reproduced under license and the artist retains the copyright to their original artwork.

Because the artworks featured on our products are ethically acquired, a portion of the proceeds from their sale is paid as a royalty to the artist, or used to support Indigenous charities and help Indigenous owned businesses.

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